Rapid Ship

At R-S Matco we understand time is of the essence in the industries we serve. Our procedures were specifically designed to cater to these needs and expedite the entire ordering process. These procedures allow your orders to ship in hours… not days! To assist with traceability Material Test Reports (MTR’s) will be sent with all shipments. We maintain both hard copies and digital copies of all MTR’s in our secure facility. Upon order confirmation, if needed we can e-mail you digital copies of your MTR’s as well. We also maintain a 24 hour hotline for all of your tubing emergencies. Simply call into our office after hours and you will be automatically directed to our on call representative.

For immediate assistance call: 704-485-4144

We do a lot of oddball things, and whatever we’ve asked, Matco delivers. They’re good people to work with; they keep us happy and our clients happy. They’re knowledgeable, and their prices are competitive. They’ve got a lot of integrity … if they say they will do it, by golly, they do it.

Bill S., Project Manager, Houston, Texas