About Us

When it comes to boiler tubing, we’re your No. 1 choice. Here are five important reasons you want to make R-S Matco your high-pressure tubing supplier.

1. Inventory

We have a more diverse inventory than any of our competitors. If you want and need it, we’ve got it! We study the market, understand trends and keep in stock what we know you are likely to need. R-S Matco is your one-stop shop for boiler tubing. We know you don’t have time or money to wait and with R-S Matco, you don’t have to.

2. Speed

We do it all, and we do it quickly – that means little to no down time for you. We understand that every minute of down time is costing you dollars, so speed is always a priority for us.

3. Experience

We’re a specialty business – we are all about boiler tubing and we’re proud to be the industry leader. We do one thing and we do it better than anyone else out there. Our employees bring a wealth of knowledge of the power generation industry to the table, and that experience allows us to understand the complexities of the industry as well as meet your specialized needs every time.

4. Dedication

We know all too well that boiler tubing replacement is rarely needed on a convenient schedule! We understand emergencies and forced outages. That’s why we’re working for our customers around the clock. We’re open 24/7 to serve you. We come in early, we stay late, we skip lunch. We’ve worked on Christmas Day, Easter Sunday and Super Bowl Sunday. Bottom line: When you need us, we’re here, working for you. Your emergency is our emergency; you’ll never have to wait until the “next business day” for service.

5. Planned Outage Management

In addition to assisting our customers in emergency situations, we also provide expertise and supplies when you’re looking at maintenance issues. We constantly survey the market to find the best pricing and supplies so if you have a planned outage coming up, we are happy to work with you to get exactly what you need at a most competitive price. Consult with our expert staff as you work toward your next planned outage project.

R-S Matco works hard to maintain our reputation as the best boiler tubing supplier in the marketplace. Call our office today at 704-485-4144.

Mission Statement

It is our belief that each customer should be treated as though they are the one and only customer we have. We feel that when you honor us with an inquiry or order we are duty bound to do everything we can to show you that we are appreciative of your trust by performing to the highest of standards.